Get Lost In The Music


Dvsn are a Canadian R&B duo, composed by Daniel Daley and Nineteen85, just like Roy Woods they are also signed to OVO Sound.

So far they have only released one album which I have linked below, this album was released after they had signed to OVO Sound on the 1st April. They have also made a guest appearance on Drake’s fourth studio album, Views on the track ‘Faithful’.

Within the album, they treat sex not as a social transaction but a serious act, something that can make you see things that are not really there, that this act can take away the roughness of life and show you the worth of looking beyond just yourself.

We know that the album was executive produced by two of Drake’s most instrumental collaborators, Paul ‘Nineteen85′ Jefferies and his mentor, Noah ’40’ Shabib, and also marks the full debut of Toronto vocalist Daniel Daley. Dvsn’s unique sound has taken over 6 years to create, they use modern sounds to explore the positive and purposeful aspects of carnality. I feel that the album goes further the standard hip-hop sounds like Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller, I think that it has a much more adult feel about it. Within the album, there isn’t much rapping and some of the best moments for me feature female voices along with Daley’s. This is not corny music, but it is very respectful and very meaningful at times. Every single song on the album is very consensual in every sense of the word.

The album can be perceived as a romantic guide for people who are starting to look back at their younger self. ‘Try / Effortless’ Dvsn usually doesn’t chase after women because of his pride but this girl is different and has him considering putting in the effort to get her. ‘Another one’ is a song where dsvn has had an affair and this has destroyed his relationship with the girl he truly cares about. Although he might find another girl to have sex with, she’ll never come close to being his true lover. ‘The Line’ describes what comfort and ecstasy that love can bring. When a relationship is in its early stages, the two people involved may not be entirely open with each other, either because they don’t know each other too well yet, or for fear that they might come across as overly attached and scare the other person away. It’s incredibly hard to get somebody you’re comfortable being yourself around. So when it’s there you and your partner will know. Finally my personal favourite on the album ‘Hallucinations’ where dvsn describes the split between him and his partner is taking a toll on him. He chooses to live in hallucinations—an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present—to help him get through the pain. Dvsn can live in his hallucinations and continue to see his lover for as long as he wants, no matter if they’ve left. It provides comfort for him, as they may have left, but they’re still in his life no matter what.

Overall this is one of my favourite albums from 2016, I really hope that dvsn continue to release fresh music like this and I strongly recommend people have a listen.

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Keith ✌🏼


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