Have you ever made a mistake?

People often think that they make mistakes every single day. However in my opinon there is no such thing as mistakes, no one has ever made mistakes in their entire life and here’s why.

So for every single decision that you made in your life you thought that at that time it would give you the biggest advantage moving forward, if you didn’t think that it would give you the biggest advantage over the other decisions or a different decision you wouldn’t have chosen to make that decision. But you didn’t so there are no mistakes and therefore they don’t exist.


Right, so, in my opinion, they are two scenarios that you will make you feel as though you’ve made a mistake and also make you feel like you’ve got regrets.

  1. You subordinate to the value structure of other people, for example, parents, teachers and peers. You think that they wouldn’t have made that decision so therefore you shouldn’t have done it either. If you did it, then you did it simple as that. However, there was a definitive reason as to why you did it, honour it, love it, respect the fact you did it, don’t question yourself on why you did it and look for the benefits of making that decision.
  2. The fantasy of how it would’ve been, the ‘what if’ scenario. This one is particularly apparent in my life as I can use an example that took place with me. So my last relationship didn’t go exactly to plan. So when my relationship first ended, I thought that I had made a number of mistakes over the past three years and I also thought that if I could go back in time then life would have been all fine and dandy.

It took me a long while to realise this, however, those feelings are a huge fantasy. So I asked myself why did I make what I thought was ‘mistakes’ in my previous relationship. The answer is because I wasn’t truly fulfilled. So by breaking up it allowed both people to move on with their lives and find someone else who will truly fulfil them in the right way. This is why I don’t think the decisions that I made were mistakes. The only way that you would think that you’re making a mistake is if you’re comparing your life to a fantasy, that you think you’re going to be fulfilled with your partner that you weren’t fulfilled with in the first place. Or, you have subordinated to some moral code, like a religious dogma that states “don’t cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend”.

Subscribing to dogma is not the best way to live a truly fulfilled life. I honestly don’t think cheating is a bad thing, if you get cheated on it’s not the end of the world either, you just haven’t seen the benefits yet. So if have gone through a recent breakup then before you do anything always look at the benefits and move forward with those thoughts in your mind rather than the negatives and think that your life is over because you lost the person in your life that you thought the sun shined out there backside.

So going back to my experience, I am 100% grateful that the relationship ended and I would never have it any other way because if it didn’t happen then I might not be where I am today. The point of this post is to realise that you’ve never made a mistake and that you should honour every single decision that you’ve made throughout your life. By doing this you will be able to free up your mind and have a clearer way of thinking. You will also realise that you create your own life, and things don’t just happen and I am a very strong believer that everything happens for a reason.

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Keith ✌🏼



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