What is the secret to happiness?

Everyone wants to know the answer to this question, there’s lots of movies and books about this particular topic. Lots of people say they just want to be happy all of the time and that is their goal.

Let’s break this down. How do people chase happiness?

Some people tend to say “Well I want to be happy most of the time” if you break that down then does that mean you want to be happy 60% of the time and then 40% every other emotion? If something is making you happy and then if you take that thing away you end up being sad so that will make up the rest of the 40% right?

Then other people say “Well I want to be happy all of the time” and this is their goal. Well, unfortunately, this is impractical and a complete fantasy. I’m not saying this because I want people to be sad, and lead a depressing life, but by definition it’s impossible. Happiness is a one-sided emotion, meaning that there has to be a negative side to happiness. Therefore you need sadness to let happiness run its course.

So let’s put this into practice, imagine if someone did have happiness all of the time, you would be craving sadness just so that your life would have some meaning and also be balanced with these two emotions. Without sadness and challenge, you don’t have happiness and support, it doesn’t exist without its opposite. So not only 100% happiness 100% of the time is impossible, even if it didn’t happen every would hate it because everyone would become depressed, sad and bored because they are happy all of the time.

If a human is constantly chasing happiness, beating themselves up because they aren’t happy 100% of the time and they’ve set up a fantasy about what it means to be happy 100% of the time and they haven’t thought about it properly. When really all this is doing is distracting them from their purpose on this planet. They are basically wasting their time on emotional distractions and not doing what is important.

So in my opinion fulfilment is what people should be chasing, therefore if someone lacking fulfilment within their life then this is what causes them to chase happiness. If someone knows what they are on this earth to do and they are dedicating their life to it, they tend not to focus on whether they are happy or sad, they just accept that it’s part of life.


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Keith ✌🏼




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