Dealing With Negativity

Here’s something, that’s taken me just short of 10 years to learn (I’m 23).

When you can truly ‘Deal with negativity’, is when you have the ability to look into someone’s eyes, after something that in reality holds no relevance other than to destroy your confidence, and hand on heart say that you value them.

Value them, for giving you contrast, when placed next to the love and support your siblings show for you, the pride your friends feel for you, and the joy your parents hold dear to them, to have a child that pushes themselves within a world so willing to settle ‘Brushing off all negativity’ often misses the point and leaves you feeling wounded, soft, useless, in a world where we have self-expectations of tough skin, yet 15 filters to choose from before posting a photo.

Instead, accept that negativity gives you the contrast to understand true appreciation. Work hard, stay humble, treat people with kindness they don’t expect and make your supporters proud.

Those that spit mindless poison are the ones who endure the cruellest fate.

Because ultimately, they’re still asleep… they haven’t even woken up in our world yet… one where progression is in abundance, the risk is embraced and others success drives us forwards.

Keep on your track, dance to your own beat, and leave them be.

Remember … refusing to engage, and awaken their senses, is the ultimate win.

Because they have to endure an average existence. Why would you wake them up?


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